Horse Lorry cabin with cushion

Need bespoke cushions for your horsebox cabin or lorry? Our high quality foams and good looking, practical fabrics will create a comfortable home from home when you are out enjoying your equestrian activities.

 With our waterproof, easy care upholstery fabrics, the inner cushions of your seats need never get damp in wet weather.

Whether you are renovating or building a horse lorry cabin, we can make the cushions for you. We are able to make cushions to fit any space and it doesn't need to be expensive.

Our waterproof upholstery fabrics are suitable for pretty much any location. Their antifungal characteristic means that they are resistant to the black mould that can sometimes develop in unheated cabins such as horse boxes and caravans. And they are machine washable, so if a plate of sausages and beans gets knocked over, just wipe off and pop in the washing machine, if necessary. No need to dry clean or scrub.


Standard cushions are 7.5cm thick comprising 5cm of firm upholstery foam topped by 2.5cm of 50 g memory foam for extra comfort. If you are sleeping in the van, you will need 10cm deep cushions which have 7.5cm of high density upholstery foam topped by 2.5cm of good quality memory foam. If you have a bad back or if you find memory foam too warm, then the Active Recovery® CoolComfort option is for you. A pressure relief cushion structure that does not use memory foam.


We offer three fabrics options for horse lorry cushions – Nobel, Laurel and Elements. All our fabrics are hardwearing upholstery fabrics that are waterproof, antimicrobial, antifungal, stain resistant and machine washable. We also offer vinyl covers which are wipe clean. Vinyl covers cost around 20% more than fabric covers. Please view the Fabrics and Colours page to read about the fabrics and select a colour. If you would like vinyl, please indicate in the form below and what colour range you are interested and we will send you samples to view.

Bespoke cushions in horse lorry cabin
Horse lorry cushions - Nobel Bluebell
New cushions in horse lorry

Request a quote

Please use the form below to provide information on the cushions you require. It will greatly help if you can also provide a couple of photos of the cabin interior so we can see if there are any issues that might interfere with the cushions sitting neatly in place.

Once we have all the information from you, we will send you a diagram of how we propose to layout the cushions for your to consider and we will call to make sure you are happy with the proposal or make changes as required. If you would like to prepare a diagram yourself, please do so and send by email or upload with the photos. If you prefer to email photos, please feel free to do so.
When the project design has been agreed, we will then send you a quote of the cost of the project. Once this has been accepted, we will email an invoice which must be paid in full before production will commence. At this point only very minor changes to your project will be possible. Should you want to modify the order, we will provide a new quote.

Please note that bespoke orders may take 4 to 5 weeks to dispatch once the order has been confirmed by payment of the invoice, as every element has to be made from scratch, nothing is off the shelf. It could be less, depending on how busy we are, but we don’t want to make promises we may not be able to keep.

Bespoke Specification Form

* If you are looking for vinyl, please indicate what colour(s) and we will send you samples