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Where you have a bed positioned against a wall, window or furniture, you might like to protect the wall and add some additional cushioning by using a Back Bolster or Panel. These are not connected to the bed, but sit on the floor behind the bed and are held in place by the weight of the bed. Panels can also be used inside crates or bed frames and can be positioned along the sides and back.

These items  can be the same colour or a contrasting colour to the rest of the bed. They can be bought with the bed or afterwards. You can also use them for a bed that is not from ourselves.

Panels are 6 cm thick and 35 cm high so they project 25 cm above the surface of our 10 cm deep beds. They are a bespoke item and need to be ordered using the form on the Bespoke Dog Beds page, where we will provide a quote.

Standard sizes of Back Bolster can be ordered here. Medium and Large Back Bolsters are 25 cm high and 15 cm deep and will project 15 cm above the bed. Extra large and Giant are 29 cm high and 19 cm deep and will project 19 cm above the bed. Remember this will add to the amount of projection forward from the wall that the dog bed will have.

You can also by a Pillow independent of buying a bed, either to put on one of our beds that you have already bought or for another make of bed you have - please make sure the bed is solid enough to withstand the tension on the strap. A polyester filled bed may not be.

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