Dog Beds with Bolsters and Pillows



A bolster or pillow is a great way to give your dog something to lean their shoulder against or rest their chin on while they watch other members of the family or just snooze. Our bolsters and pillows are removable, making covers easy to wash and replace.

Bolsters are an integral part of the bed. They are held in place by zips, part of which is sewn to the bed cover. The pillow is held in place by a broad strap with an elastic section to ensure it stays in place. The bed can be used without the pillow should your dog have a friend over to stay and more room is needed!

Bolsters are higher than the equivalent size of pillow so the choice is largely a matter of the size of your dog and which you prefer the look of. They are sized proportionate to the bed size, ie the Extra Large and Giant beds have deeper and higher bolster and pillows.

The bed cushion options are our Signature Bed comprising a 5 cm high density foam core for support and 2.5 cm of good quality memory foam glued top and bottom, the Active Recovery® foam or Active Recovery® CoolComfort foam. For more details regarding cushion style, please see the respective product pages or refer to the Bed Construction page.

Beds with bolsters or pillows are available as standard with Nobel or Laurel fabrics. If you would like a cover in the Sahel fabric, please email for a price.

Bolster  Pillow
Construction  Soft Foam Medium density foam
with Dacron fibre wrap
Height (Medium & Large)  15 cm 11 cm
Height (Extra Large & Giant) 19 cm 13 cm
Width (Medium & Large) 22 cm 20 cm
Width (Extra Large & Giant) 26 cm 24 cm


A second bolster or pillow may be added to the other short side. Please remember that adding a bolster or pillow reduces the flat area of the bed so you should consider going up a size of bed, particularly if you are thinking about a second bolster or pillow.

A pillow can be bought at a later date, though a bolster cannot. If you think your dog might like a pillow, it is more cost effective to buy one when you buy the bed. You can also add a pillow to a bed you already have, whether or not you bought it from ourselves, provided the bed you have has enough substance not to be compressed by the strap elastic. Buy a pillow independently of a bed here.

If you would like the bolster or pillow to be a different colour from the rest of the bed, contact us with your colour choice. We will assume the colour selected in your order is the bed colour.

We also make flat panels and back bolsters freestanding off the bed. Where you have a bed positioned against a wall, window or furniture, you might like to protect the wall or add some additional padding. They can be bought with the bed or afterwards. You can also use them for a bed that is not from the Big Dog Bed Company. Back bolsters come in standard sizes, while panels are bespoke items. Order from here.



Order preparation and shipping
Made to Order

All our beds are made to order. This is how we are able to offer such a large number of sizes and colours.

We aim to dispatch your bed within 14 days of order, and usually manage to do it sooner. If the colour of fabric is not available in that timeframe, we will alert you to the delay and you can opt to change the colour you have selected.

Bespoke beds will generally take four weeks. This is because we have to order the bespoke size of foam which can take some time to arrive.


We charge for shipping. There is no such thing as free shipping - it is either declared openly as we do, or its cost is hidden in the price you are paying for the item you are buying. The price of shipping depends on the size of the item ordered. Typically a bed shipped within mainland UK will cost £15-18. We use FedEx as they are reliable and are willing to handle our bulky products.

For small items under 2kgs we use Royal Mail next day tracked service. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed to be a next day delivery. Orders placed before 12 noon will go out the same day.

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