Incontinence Beds for Dogs

Colour: Navy


These beds are designed for dogs that are temporarily, occasionally or severely incontinent.

If you are coping with a dog that has faecal or urinary incontinence these beds are ideal. They are totally waterproof and the seams are thermally welded, not sewn, so the beds are completely sealed. The cover fabric is wipe clean and antibacterial. It will also take medical grade disinfection. No need to wash covers regularly.

The core of the bed comprises of our Active Recovery® pressure relief cushion, ideal for older dogs, those who need to be recumbent post-operatively or who are undergoing crate rest. This comprises of a high density foam base for support and a castellated foam top for comfort and pressure relief. The castellated top is available either in memory foam or a non-memory foam for dogs who overheat easily - the CoolComfort option. View this page if you want to read more about the Active Recovery® range.

If your dog is very frequently having accidents, a vet fleece loop may be necessary as it will wick away fluids and help keep him or her dry. The loop is preferable to laying a piece of vet fleece on top as it stays in place and does not wrinkle or present a trip hazard. The Vet Fleece Loop is just slipped over the bed and comprises vet fleece on the top side and a tough polyester with a little stretch on the underside. It may be washed at 90oC. Why not buy two loops so there is always one ready while the other is in the wash.

When a dog's condition is temporary, you can later add one of our standard covers to the bed so it can match your colour scheme.

Our incontinence beds are available in our standard sizes and bespoke to fit crates or specific spaces. They are available only with navy, purple or royal blue PU covers and grey vet fleece.

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