Oak Dog Bed Frames



Our solid oak dog bed frames are hand made in East Sussex. The beautiful wood grain ensures each is a distinctive piece of furniture.

Frames can be used to lift your dog out of a draft or off a particularly cold tile floor. However, we think they just look great and that every furry friend deserves to recline in such style.

All elements of the beds are hand cut and sanded. The wood is given an oil finish to bring out the natural grain colours and allow the wood to breath and mature naturally. Any scratches can be easily removed using a soft cloth and any vegetable oil.

The frames have a slatted base to allow air to circulate, but the feet are low enough to prevent balls and other toys disappearing underneath.

Oak frames are available to fit our medium and large Signature Beds and Active Recovery® beds. Beds with bolsters or pillows will also fit. Bespoke sizes can also be ordered. The frames may be bought individually or with an inner cushion of your choice from the relevant page. 


Outer frame dimensions (cm)

Inner dimensions (cm)


 84 x 115 x 24

105 x 75

 94 x 129 x 24

120 x 85

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