Vet Physiotherapy & Canine Fitness

BDBCo.VET, the veterinary arm (paw) of the Big Dog Bed Company, offers a range of equipment appropriate for canine rehabilitation and fitness building. These have been designed in close consultation with veterinary physiotherapists and undergone extensive testing before they are released to the market. The aim is to develop new equipment, not to duplicate what is already available.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, our range of physiotherapy equipment is designed for veterinary physiotherapists, canine massage therapists and those delivering complementary therapies such as acupuncture.  The same equipment can also be used by those involved with canine fitness, whether for sports such as agility and canicross, or to keep working dogs in top condition. Maintaining fitness through structured exercises helps ensure your dog is in peak condition when required and reduces the incidence of injury while working.

Where possible, we create equipment that can be integrated to optimise the flexibility of use. Each piece is a stand alone item that is useful in its own right, while also having the capacity to work well with other elements of our range. For example, the SafeRocker+ and Step System integrate extremely well, and the new Ramp Set currently undergoing testing will hopefully soon add to the ways in which they can be deployed. The equipment also can be readily used in combination with the apparatus you already own.

Big Dog Bed Company

The materials used to make the equipment are selected to be lightweight, robust and appropriate to the environment in which they will be used. Floor and tabletop mats and proprioception tracks are covered with a tough, stretch PU fabric which is waterproof and antibacterial. It is heat resistant and can tolerate medical grade disinfectants. The seams are welded, not sewn, so no moisture can enter the foam core, making them ideal for use in hydrotherapy environments. When there is a requirement for thorough cleaning between patients, this fabric makes it easy, requiring only a wipe with a damp cloth.

We started to work with vet physios when we were approached to see if we could make a bed for dogs with joint issues and arthritis. Stealing shamelessly from the human health sector, we developed the Active Recovery® pressure relief bed which uses the same castellated pressure relief structure employed in many hospital mattresses to prevent pressure sores in people. This is available for therapists to offer for sale to their clients on a drop ship basis - see at the bottom of this page for more details.

The first piece of veterinary physiotherapy equipment we came up with was our therapy floor mat. When our GSD Ludvic had a hip replacement and of course needed rehabilitation to build up muscles and sort out compensatory issues, the physio we saw was using a towel to work on. We weren’t sure what it was meant to achieve, but it certainly made for a very uncomfortable working surface for both therapist and patient. Hence, when we started discussions with vet physios about their equipment needs, this was our first suggestion. You won’t be surprised to hear it was welcomed with open arms and has been a best seller ever since it was launched. The first therapy floor mat made is now six years old and still going strong. With waterproof, antimicrobial covers and welded seams they are easy to wipe clean between patients and suitable for use poolside.

Floor mat for canine physiotherapy

Our floor mats are suitable for a wide range of floor based therapies including massage, acupuncture and any other treatment when the patient is stationary to be treated since the comfort it provides helps dogs relax. It can also be used in balance work to add instability to other pieces of equipment.

Therapy Floor Mats
Canine fitness and rehabilitation balance kit

The SafeRocker+ is a highly versatile piece of balance equipment suitable for rehabilitation and fitness building. It was used by the GB team who attended the IFCS Agility World Championships in the Netherlands in 2019 and is regularly used by both canine fitness instructors and veterinary physiotherapists. 

Canine rehabilitation equipment

Our Step System is the only purpose built rehab equipment to allow therapists to tailor a step challenge to patients’ condition and size. It comprises eight elements, stacks neatly for storage and  combines well with the SafeRocker +. 

Step System
Balance block for proprioception

We are now offering a wide range of options under the banner of proprioception equipment – tracks, squares and blocks. All use different densities of foam to provide varying degrees of instability. There is no need to inflate, and the density is predictable and not dependent on the level of inflation or atmospheric pressure which affects air filled products.

Proprioception Tracks
Non-slip floor mat for vet practices

Non-slip mats are great for treatment rooms and reception spaces alike. We all want easy to clean floors, but they can present difficulties to dogs who are unsteady on their feet. Excellent for gait analysis. Two standard sizes available or go bespoke to fit your facilities.

Non-slip Mats
Tabletop therapy mat for vet practices

Tabletop mats are the same construction as the floor mats with the addition of three straps to keep them in securely place. Ideal for massage, acupuncture, reiki and similar therapies, as well as physio for smaller dogs. Mats are made to fit the table used for this work

Tabletop Therapy Mats

Tested as fit for purpose

Our physiotherapy and canine fitness equipment is designed by ourselves and tested by professional therapists for a minimum of six months before we offer it for sale. This testing is undertaken to ensure that the equipment is:

  • safe to use
  • flexible in the range of conditions it can be used for
  • robustly manufactures and easy to deploy

Recommendations and suggestions from our testers help us deliver the best possible piece of equipment. The aim is ensure that every piece of kit is fit for purpose and will add significantly to the resources available to therapists and dog sports enthusiasts alike. If you have ideas for equipment you'd like us to develop, get in touch.

New - Ramp Set

Ramps set used for veterinary physiotherapy
Ramps for veterinary physiotherapy

The Ramp Set is intended to be a stand alone piece of equipment or used alongside both the Step System and the SafeRocker+. It comprises four ramps 50 x 50 cm  and 7 cm at their highest point.  They are available to buy singly, in pairs or a full set of four units.
Made with a high density EVA foam with fine ribbed non-slip matting on both sides, they are highly stable and can be deployed in a wide variety of ways.

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Equipment Reviews

We have designed all the rehab and fitness equipment we sell. Before they go on the market, we make prototypes which are tested by therapists to check that they a useful piece of equipment, are safe for patient and therapist to use, and are generally fit for purpose. These reviews can be read using the links to the right. The same piece of equipment may be listed more than once having been reviewed by different therapists.

If you would like to write a review for a piece of equipment you have been using for inclusion on the website, please use the blank form.

If you have any video of our equipment in use that you think will be useful to other therapists, please email it to us for inclusion on the website. 

Trade sale of Active Recovery® orthopaedic dog beds

The Active Recovery® Bed is available to veterinary practices, physiotherapists and hydrotherapy centres for retail sale to clients for use at home. In the domestic situation, these beds are designed to promote an improved sleep pattern in dogs with joint issues and arthritis. They are offered with hard wearing, machine washable, waterproof covers that are antibacterial, urine and stain resistant.

Trade sales are done on a drop ship basis meaning there is no need to hold stock. Point of Sale material comprises leaflets personalised to your business, fabric colour samples, posters, and foam samples. Electronic order forms can be emailed to your client and direct to BDBCo.VET for order fulfillment. Read more about trade sales here.

Contact to enquire about trade sales