Bespoke waterproof orthopaedic dog beds
Extra large bespoke waterproof dog bed
Waterproof bespoke dog bed with two bolsters

Our Made-to-Measure service gives you complete control and enables you to customise your dog's bed to suit the space available in your home, car or kennel. Please remember also to make sure that the bed is appropriate to the size of your dog.

When you order a bespoke bed, you are able to specify the cushion construction, the shape and the fabric.  All the fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, stain and urine resistant and machine washable at 30oC.

To ensure that you end up with a bed that is ideal for your dog(s), we need to know your dog’s age, weight, and breed(s). We will also ask you how the bed is to be used – eg primary bed, long trips in the car, short journeys only, occasional use in a crate, and so on, as these affect the most appropriate style of cushion.

If the bed is to go into a frame, corner or similar, we like to see a photo of the space it is to occupy in case there are any obstacles that might prevent the bed from sitting neatly into the space. For beds to go into a crate, please ensure you provide the internal dimensions of the crate and that they don't change with the door is closed.

So, having made everything seem complicated, we’d like to reassure you that it really is very easy to order your bespoke bed. Request a quote using the form at the foot of the page.

For rectangular beds we will need the dimensions and where you want the zip located – you don’t want it visible – ie long side or short side. If the bed is not rectangular, but all sides are straight and all angles are 90 degrees, then a diagram indicating the length of all sides will be required. Any other shape will require a template to be posted to us. Read how to make a template here. Feel free to call to discuss your project so we can advise what should work best for you. Use the form at the foot of the page to supply the dimensions and other details of your bed.

To get a broad idea of the likely cost for a bed before going to the bother of drawing a diagram or preparing a template, fill in the form below and give the maximum dimensions so we can guestimate the likely cost for you.

Choosing a cushion

The cushion style should reflect the use to which the bed will be put, and the size and age of the dog.

Mat – 5cm deep high density upholstery foam for small dogs (under 12 Kgs) and for larger dogs in cars and crates where the occupancy is typically less than 3 hours.

Kennel Bed – 5cm high density upholstery foam topped by 2.5cm good quality memory foam giving total bed depth of 7.5cm. A good all round bed for small to medium dogs (under 20 Kgs). Good for car journeys and crates where head room in restricted. Ok for larger dogs if not their primary everyday bed.

Signature Bed – 5cm of high density upholstery foam with 2.5cm of good quality memory foam glued top and bottom. Our standard foam general purpose bed suitable for all uses.

Pressure Relief Bed – Our Active Recovery® bed for dogs with arthritis, joint issues and similar conditions. Comprises a 5cm deep castellated top of memory foam and a 5cm base layer of high density upholstery foam.

CoolComfort – part of the Active Recovery® range. Ideal for heavy coated dogs and those that seek out cold floors to sleep on. Uses a light weight castellated foam in place of memory foam on which some dogs overheat.

View more details about cushion construction on the Bed Construction page.

Choosing the fabric and colour

Across all the fabrics we offer, there is a choice of over 20 colours available online. In addition, if the colour you are looking for is not there, we have many more shades available. Just email to let us know what colour(s) you are interested in as we will send you fabric samples. Don’t forget to give us your address. Likewise, if you can’t choose between several colours and would like to have samples sent, email us the names of the colours you’d like to see and your postal address.

All the fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, stain and urine resistant and machine washable at 30oC.

Nobel and Laurel – stylish waterproof, machine washable upholstrey fabrics for in the house. 

Elements – a fine finish canvas-style fabric for the house, car or kennel. Extremely waterproof and Grade 7 UV resistant.

PU – a tough, stretch, highly waterproof fabric for kennel, car or crate. Seams are welded so can be immersed in water. Used in our incontinence beds, and veterinary products.

Vandal-proof – extremely tough for kennel use. Seams are sewn, not welded. Wipe clean on the cushion or remove to hose and scrub, if necessary.

View all our fabrics together on the Fabrics and Colours page.

Bespoke window seat with waterproof cover
Built-in bespoke dog bed in Nobel Dove
Bespoke dog bed in vehicle

Ordering process

Once we have all the information from you, we will provide a quote on the price of the bed. We will try to do this within 48 hours. Should you decide to go ahead, we will email an invoice which must be paid in full before production will commence. Should you want to modify the order, we will provide a new quote.

Please note that bespoke orders may take 4 to 5 weeks to dispatch as every element has to be made from scratch, nothing is off the shelf. It could be less, depending on how busy we are, but we don’t want to make promises we may not be able to keep.

Before you start - a bespoke bed will cost more. To give yourself an idea of the likely price of your bespoke bed, please look at the price of the nearest equivalent of our standard bed sizes. A made to measure bed will be a bit more. Please decide whether you are happy with the likely price range before taking the time to request a quote.

Horsebox cabin cushions

 Need bespoke cushions for your horsebox cabin or lorry? Our high quality foams and good looking, practical fabrics will create a comfortable home from home when you are out enjoying your equestrian activities.

With our waterproof, easy care upholstery fabrics, the inner cushions of your seats need never get damp in wet weather. Whether you are renovating or building a horse lorry cabin, we can make the cushions for you.  Read more here.

What we don't do

We do not make oval beds. We have done so in the past and because our covers are tight fitting, it is very difficult to get the cover on straight after washing. We don’t want to you be struggling with the cover.

We do not current make beds with sides. You can add a bolster or pillow, or separate side panels – if interested, please email.

Bespoke Specification Form

Before you start, please look at the prices of our standard bed sizes. A bespoke bed will cost more than the nearest standard size. Please note that small beds cost disproportionately more than a larger bed as there are fixed cost which apply regardless of the bed size. Finally, please look at the fabrics and colours page to ensure you have requested one of the colours we offer.

Please complete and submit the form below to enquire about a bespoke bed.