Vari-Trak for Proprioception



The Vari-Trak option gives maximum flexibility of function, enabling the therapist to tailor the arrangement of the foam densities according to the challenge to be presented to each patient.

There are ten different combinations of foam density which are colour coded. Each is 50 x 50 x 12 cm. These are placed inside one of three shapes of outer covers - a 200 x 50 cm Track, a 100 x 100 cm Square or a Half-Track, 100 x 50 cm. The covers are waterproof and antibacterial with welded seams and a heavy duty plastic zip along one side. It is possible to buy blocks  for balance work without buying a cover.

The blocks can be positioned in the covers in any sequence to provide a greater or lesser degree of challenge to the patient, as treatment requires. Each block of foam can also be used individually to work with a stationary or moving dog as you would with any other type of balance cushion. 

Our Standard and Offset Proprioception Tracks are available here.

The density of the foam is indicated by numbers - 50 being lowest density (softest) and 200 being highest density (firmest). A Split Block of 50/100 offers a lower density combination that a Split Block of 150/200. A block that is 50/200 gives you the softest and firmest foams adjacent to each other. The Single Block 50 is the softest and the Single Block 200 is the firmest of the ten blocks from which you can choose. 

When selecting the foams that you require, please make sure you select the same total number as you have opted for, ie, if you have decided you want four blocks and a Half-Track cover, please only select four types of block.

An individual foam block costs £55. Discounts are applied when 6 or 10 blocks are bought. The Full-Track cover price is £63.25, the Half-Track is £59.95 and the Square cover is £73.35. If you buy a second cover, a discount of approximately 15% is applied to the cost of the second cover.

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