BDBCo.VET offers three broad categories of veterinary equipment:

  • Small animal kennel bedding,  theatre table mattresses and positioning aids;
  • Orthoses, lifting aids and wound protection covers manufactured by Scandi Orthopedic; and
  • Equine and large animal inflatable surgery mattresses.

We are UK distributor for Scandi Orthopedic equipment which can be view here.

Our equine and large animal mattresses can be viewed here

We design and manufacture our kennel beds and operating table mattresses to both aid in the treatment of canine patients but also to reduce time and energy spent on cleaning surfaces between patients.

Key features are:

  • Waterproof with welded seams
  • Will not support microbial growth
  • Wipe clean, may be disinfected
  • Made bespoke to fit your facilities

 The cover fabric used for kennel beds and operating theatre equipment is ideal for clinical use. The smooth, warm to touch polyurethane (PU) coated stretch fabric will not support microbial growth and is easily cleaned with a cloth or hose, with or without the use of disinfection. Temperature tolerance is 95°C. The fabric is waterproof to >2m head the seams are heat welded so that no moisture can enter the foam interior.
All components can be used with heat pads and are X-ray translucent. Minor damage is easily repaired with the use of glue-on patches.

Supporting infection control

The cover fabric is waterproof to >2 m head and the seams are heat welded so that no moisture can enter the foam interior. It will not support microbial growth and is easily cleaned with a cloth or hose, with or without the use of disinfection. Temperature tolerance is 95°C. 

Aiding patient recovery

We use high quality foams to ensure the beds provide the best quality sleeping environment to your patients. Good quality sleep is a vital contributor to the recovery of patients and this begins with the quality of bedding provided.

Reducing practice running costs

In situations where there is a large throughput of animals with compromised health, these products both deliver clinical benefits and lower running costs by reducing staff time spent in cleaning, and cutting both water and electricity use.

Big Dog Bed Company

5 cm deep kennel mats and mattresses are intended for short term use, typically less than 48 hours in kennels and for theatre procedures of under two hours.

7.5 cm deep kennel beds and mattresses comprise of 5cm high density foam topped by 2.5cm of good quality memory foam. They are ideal for larger patients and those that need to be kept at the practice for moderate periods of time - four to five days. This depth of operating table mattress is appropriate for standard procedures and for longer procedures with small to medium dogs.

10 cm deep kennel beds and mattresses comprise of 7.5 cm high density foam topped by 2.5 cm of good quality memory foam. These are for large walk-in kennels for large patients and those that need to be kept at the practice for longer periods. Operating table mattresses of this depth are appropriate to most circumstances.

Active Recovery® pressure relief foams have a castellated surface to ensure even distribution of weight across the patients' body. Patients with arthritis, orthopaedic or neurological conditions or who will be recumbent for extended periods are best accommodated on an Active Recovery® bed. This construction has been approved by NICE for use in NHS hospitals for pressure relief use. A pressure relief hospital mattress and an Active Recovery® can be compared in the photographs below.

Construction of of Orthopaedic dog bed

Active Recovery® CoolComfort pressure relief dog bed

Pressure relief hospital mattress

Hospital mattress showing pressure relief construction

To send us details of the size and style of kennel bed or operating table mattress you would like, please complete the forms on the Veterinary Forms page.

Our standard sizes of equipment can be accessed using the relevant button below

Other theatre equipment we supply are saddlebag sandbags and wedge positioning aids. Both are available in two sizes. SaddleSandBags hold a patient’s limb in a particular position without applying any pressure, while our adjustable wedges position the body in a fixed position for X-ray, surgery, dental procedures and other similar activities.

We also offer non-slip floor mats for receptions and consultation rooms so that patients unsteady on their feet can stand up and move about with confidence. Gait is more natural, aiding the interpretation of injury or chronic conditions and arthritic patients benefit greatly.
Standard sizes are available for all equipment, but most items are bespoke made to meet the practice requirements exactly.

All the items we make have been designed by us in consultation with veterinary professionals, and are manufactured in the UK. If there is something you need, but can't source, speak to us as we may be able to help. This applies equally to one off items and those which you think might have broad use within the veterinary field. 

Why provide good quality beds in your practice?

Sleep is a vitally important contributor to animal health, wellbeing and behaviour. In a clinical environment, good quality sleep promotes recovery from surgery and reduces animal stress. General health is maintained at a higher level, contributing to the more rapid return of the animal to their home.

 The immune system requires good quality rest to function well and muscle repair only takes place when an animal is asleep. Appetite, important to recovery and an indicator of wellbeing, is negatively influenced by tiredness and poor sleep quality. Physiological activities associated with cell growth and repair are increased during sleep. Hence, the provision of a comfortable sleeping environment for patients will contribute to satisfactory outcomes for practice, patients and their owners.

 The benefits of a well rested patient also contribute to the bottom line. An animal that is less stressed will be more cooperative when clinical activities are carried out, allowing these tasks to be completed more rapidly. Complications are minimised where general animal health is maintained and an improved rate of recovery allows patient to be discharged after a shorter stay, freeing up practice space and increasing capacity.

 All our bed covers are waterproof, antibacterial, antifungal, vapour permeable, urine and stain resistant. All fabrics and foams comply with CRIB 5 fire retardancy regulations as a minimum. The weldable PU fabric is certified as meeting Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for products that come into contact with babies. Antibacterial properties are provided by Sanitized Clariant Benelux. This fabric may be cleaned using disinfectants used in the health care sector. The technical details of the PU fabric we use can be viewed here.

The clinical products developed by the Big Dog Bed Company are designed to support excellence in veterinary care and to help in the delivery of the best possible outcomes for patients.

Trade sales of Active Recovery ® pressure relief beds

The Active Recovery ® bed is available to veterinary practices, physio and hydro-therapy centres for retail sale to clients for use at home. In the domestic situation, these beds are designed to promote an improved sleep pattern in dogs with joint and neurological issues and arthritis. They are offered with hard wearing, machine washable, waterproof covers that are antibacterial, urine and stain resistant.

Trade sales are done on a drop ship basis meaning there is no need to hold stock. Point of Sale material comprises leaflets personalised to your business, fabric colour samples, posters, and foam samples. Electronic order forms can be emailed to your client and direct to BDBCo.VAT for order fulfillment.  Download more details about trade sales here.

Contact to enquire about trade sales.