Proprioception Tracks

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This range of equipment provides therapists with a multi-function and adaptive tool that is appropriate for a wide range of conditions and different stages of recovery. It is designed to challenge patients with surfaces that respond differently from each other and from a solid floor, either in combination or individually.

The basis of the equipment is four different densities of foam which compress to a greater or lesser degree. The lower the density of the foam, the softer it is and the greater amount of movement when loaded. The equipment is suitable for:

  •  core strength and fitness building
  • proprioceptive assessment and rehabilitation
  • balance assessment and retraining
  • flexibility training

    Covers are waterproof, antibacterial with welded seams so no moisture gets in. They are wipe or hose clean. The outer covers for the Vari-Trak have a heavy duty plastic zip.

    Like all our equipment, the different elements of this range have been tested by a number of therapists before coming onto the market. They have found it to be useful for neurological and orthopaedic conditions, whether being treated conservatively or post operatively, and for the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. The equipment presents a reasonably high degree of challenge and, depending on how it was to be used, is probably not suitable for rehabilitation in the first week post-operative or post-injury.

    Conditions for which the equipment is considered suitable include, but are not limited to:

    • CCLR - post op and conservative management,
    • Lumbar sacral disease,
    • Osteoarthritis,
    • Fracture post op rehab, IVDD,
    • Tenosynovitis, Infraspinatus contracture post-operative,
    • Osteochondritis dissecans,
    • Luxating patella - conservatively managed and post op,
    • Core and general strengthening,
    • Proprioception and balance training.

    Our strategy with this range is for it to be as flexible as possible in the ways it can be used and to offer options that suit everyone’s space availability and budget. The different elements of the range all provide a much larger balance and proprioceptive platform than is generally available, making it suitable for large and small dogs. The large size also enables other balance equipment to be placed on top to create a more unstable, but solid surface. The range includes the following options:

    The Standard Track has the four densities of foam glued together. The foams are arranged from high to low density. The track is 200cm long, 60cm wide and 12cm deep. The thickness means there is no risk of even the softest foam compressing to the extent that the dog feels the floor through the foam.

    The Offset Track is the same size and construction as the Standard Track. However, the foams have been arranged to give lateral difference in the movement as well as longitudinal, presenting a slighter greater challenge than the Standard Track. The foam arrangement of both Standard and Offset tracks can be seen in the images to the left.

    The Standard Square is a variation of the Standard Track, but is more compact, being 100 x 100cm. It is ideal where space is limited or when a therapist is working in different locations. An Offset Square is also available.

    The Vari-Trak option gives maximum flexibility of function, enabling the therapist to tailor the arrangement of the foam densities according to the challenge to be presented to each patient. Order the Vari-Trak here.

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