Old Labrador dog lying on the floor

Arthritis is an umbrella term used to describe joint inflammation and can be the result of wear and tear in older dogs or brought on by poor formation of, or injury to joints, hence the manner in which arthritis affects individual dogs is very broad.
There are many things you can do to make your dog's life more comfortable and to keep them mobile and enjoying life even with arthritis and other joint issues. These do not necessarily involve medication or supplements and taking action early can delay the time when such actions are required.

Simple lifestyle choices will make a big difference to the avoidance of joint injury and delay the onset of arthritis:

  • Make sure your dog is not overweight as carrying extra weight puts unnecessary load on joints.
  • Avoid repetitive games that involve them jumping and landing awkwardly or heavily.
  • Do not over-walk puppies - use mind games and stimulus to use up their energy.
  • Don't let your dog go upstairs, particularly puppies and older dogs who are wobbly on their feet.
  • Avoid having slippery floors - they are a nightmare for older dogs and can affect correct joint formation in puppies
  • Getting in and out of vehicles puts considerable strain on young and old dogs alike. Consider using a ramp or lifting your dog.
  • And, of course, get them a bed appropriate to their size and weight.
Canine Arthritis Management free information platform

Canine Arthritis Management is a free to use on-line platform with a huge wealth of information about helping your dog to live with arthritis. It was created and is run on a voluntary basis by vets, vet nurses and veterinary physiotherapists. Both the website and the Facebook page offer a wealth of information you will not find in one place elsewhere.

If your dog has arthritis or another joint issue that impinges on their mobility and quality of life, we strongly advise you to take a look at this resource.

World's Greatest Dog House

This initiative has been created by joint supplement company YuMOVE to help show dog owners what changes can be made in the home to improve the  physical and mental well-being of your dog. The World's Best Dog House was designed with the help of interior design guru Laurence Llewelyn- Bowen to show that a dog friendly house can still be a stylish house. 
The house demonstrates the changes suggested above - the addition of nonslip mats on slippery laminate or tiled floors, restricting access to stairs, using raised feeders to take the strain off sore joints, etc.
We were delighted to be asked by YuMOVE to provide our Active Recovery and Active Recovery Lite orthopaedic beds for the house, which is allowing us to share how important a properly supportive and comfortable bed is for dogs with joint issues. We also got the make a cover using fabric designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, which was very exciting.  View the Worlds Best Dog House here.

Phot o of man with three dogs in front of Worlds Bed Dog House

Equipment on this website that will assist dogs with joint issues and arthritis

Active Recovery Orthopaedic Beds

These pressure relief beds provide the necessary level of support and comfort  for dogs with joint issues and arthritis. Their design is based on human medical mattresses.

Spaniel on orthopaedic dog bed - World's Best Dog House

Non-slip Mats

Slippery surfaces are a nightmare for dogs that are unsteady on their feet. Put non-slip mats in key places like doorways, in front of their bed and the routes they most use to move round the house.

Black non-slip rubber mat

Stair Gate

Climbing and descending stairs puts tremendous strain on dogs shoulders, hips and wrists. Stop you dog climbing the stairs when you don't want them to  with the Dog-G8 

Stair case with dog gate stopping small dog climbing the stairs

Helping Hand Support

Often dogs with arthritis need a helping hand when it comes to climbing stairs and steps. These lightweight supports can be quickly deployed to help your dog up steps, whether at home or when out and about 

Labrador being assisted by a lifting support

Threshold Ramp

External doorways often have a raised threshold which trip up arthritic dogs who find it difficult to lift their paws. These lightweight ramps with a non-slip surface can be used to reduce or eliminate the threshold step

Ramp to help arthritic dogs over raised door threshold

Dog Shoes

Dog with arthritis or other conditions can sometimes drag their paws which causes abrasion damage. These well fitting, highly abrasion proof boots will protect their feet. Sold in pairs.

Single dog's leg showing a protective shoe

Here at Big Dog Bed Company we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of dogs with arthritis and joint issues. If there is a piece of equipment that you think we might be able to make for you - drop us a line using the contact form.