Carpal Orthotic Supports (forelimb)



These light to moderate grade supports  from Scandi Orthopedic are designed for use for arthritis, sprains to the lower limb and ligaments, to protect against re-injury and alleviate pain. Proper alignment of the front limb reduces any tendency for compensatory injuries to the hind legs.

They can also be used post-operatively to aid recovery and support rehabilitation, or when surgery is not possible.

Use of these supports for an injury will help speed up the rate of recovery and get your dog back to full fitness faster. For dogs with early stage or moderate levels of arthritis, they can make the difference between comfort and discomfort, and help keep you dog (or cat) active longer. The compensatory injuries that so often develop due to arthritis can be avoided when the arthritic joint is correctly supported with one of these orthoses. Likewise if there is a strain injury.

The supports combine neoprene and Velcro to provide highly customisable supports. Both the length and the diameter of the support can be modified. When selecting a size, if your dog is between sizes, choose the one closest to your leg diameter measurement.

May be hand washed using mild detergent at 30oC.

Carpal orthotic support Grade 1

Light and flexible stabilization for the carpal joint, reduces pain and inflammation. This wrap supports and stabilises your dog's wrist without holding it in a rigid position. View and download fitting instructions here.

  • Provide support for mild arthritis
  • Protects against re-injury
  • Promotes joint position sense
  • Reduces tarsal joint deviations and hyperextension

Protective leg cover

These supports can also be used to protect your dog's lower leg if they are involved in activities on rough terrain such as game bird beating, sheep herding or search and rescue. The lower leg is covered by he protective neoprene fabric, preventing abrasion damage from sticks, fencing, flints and similar sources of injury.

 Size Measurement 1 (up to) cm Measurement 2
Extra Small 10 6.5 - 11
Small 12.5 9 - 16
Medium 15.5 10.5 - 20
Large 19.5 13 - 25
Extra Large 22.5 15 - 30

Carpal orthotic support Grade 2

Stabilises the carpal joint after trauma and post-operatively. Adaptable to various types of injuries. The degree of stabilisation and the direction you want to stabilise the joint is adjustable with the Velcro stabilising straps. Provides lateral and medial support and prevents carpal joint deviation and hyper-extension. Download fitting instructions here.

  • Provides medium support and pain reduction of the injured area while allowing some movement.
  • For use after trauma and post-operatively.
  • Use as a step down in support following a splint or cast.
  • Allows adjustable degree of stabilisation.
 Size Measurement 1 (up to) cm Measurement 2 cm
Extra Small 10 6.5 - 10
Small 11.5 10 - 15
Medium 15.5 11 - 18
Large 19.5 15 - 24
Extra Large 22.5 16 - 26


Diagram indicating how to measure a dog's leg for a carpal joint support

Size Measurements

Take measurements in centimetres with the animal standing. Please refer to the diagram to the above for the correct position of the measurements. We suggest writing down the measurements, then refer to the table for the grade of support you require to identify the correct size. 
1. Measure the circumference of the carpal joint
2. Measure the distance from the elbow to the top of the paw

Each measurement should fall within the indicated range. The supports are highly customisable, hence the size can be fine tuned to achieve a good fit.

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