The central philosophy behind the way our beds are made is that they should provide good quality, long lasting support to their occupants. Given that your dog could be on their bed up to 16 hours a day, this is very important

The Cushions:
We use high density upholstery foam at the core of all our beds - this provides excellent support. This foam is designed for almost continuous use and will not flatten within a few months as happens with so many dog bed fillings. Neither will the bed filling wander about until it ends up at the edges of the bed with the dog left lying only on fabric in the middle of the bed.

To this we add very high quality memory foam as the comfort layer. For those dogs who feel the heat and can often be found on a cool floor rather than in their bed, we offer a soft upholstery foam in place of memory foam - this is the CoolComfort option and is available in the Active Recovery® range.

Bolsters & Pillows:
In addition to the base bed, you can add bolsters, pillows or panels. These all have a core of foam to ensure they retain their shape and do not squash excessively when lent on. A Dacron fibre wrapping gives the pillows a softer outline.

Cushion depth varies with the use of the bed, the weight and size of the dog:

5cm for short term use for any size of dog – travelling in a crate for a couple of hours, waiting for collection in a groomers and so on. In a veterinary situation these should be used for medium and small dogs resident for under 48 hours.

7.5cm for use in cars for long journeys, as the principle, everyday bed for small and medium sized dogs and in vet kennels for small and medium dogs resident for up to 10 days. Also suitable for kennel use for large and giant breeds where kennels are not the primary, everyday bed.

10cm for large and giant breeds as the principle, everyday use bed. Ideally, should use in cars for large dogs where head room permits.

See below for images of our cushions

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These are our cushions

Signature Bed

Our Signature Bed comprises 5 cm of high density foam with 2.5 cm of good quality memory foam glued top and bottom making the beds reversible.

Dog bed cushion combining high density foam with memory foam

Kennel Bed (10)

The Kennel Bed comes in two depths 10 cm and 7.5 cm. Both have 2.5 cm memory foam as the comfort layer and either 7.5 or 5 cm high density foam as the support layer. 

Dog bed cushion combining memory foam for comfort and high density foam for support

Kennel Bed (7.5)

For medium to small dogs or shorter periods of use, 7.5 cm depth is sufficient. Operating table mattresses come in the same two options as the kennel beds and as 5 cm high density foam alone.

Veterinary operating table cushion construction

Kennel  & Crate Mats

Kennel and Crate mats for short term use, the physiotherapy floor mats and operating table mattresses all use this 5 cm high density upholstery foam . 

Foam used for physiotherapy floor mats and dog kennel mats
Orthopaedic dog bed

Active Recovery®

The Active Recovery® pressure relief bed is for dogs with orthopaedic or neurological problems, or arthritis. 5 cm of high density foam provides the support and 5 cm of castellated memory foam the pressure relief.

Dog bed foam suitable for dog who overheat easily

Active Recovery® CoolComfort

For dogs who overheat easily & seek out cool places, the AR CoolComfort is  best. A light weight upholstery foam is substituted for the memory foam. The pressure relief action provided by the castellations is the same.

Orthopaedic bed for small dogs

Active Recovery® Lite

A shallower depth pressure relief bed for smaller dogs under 15 kgs. The castellated surface is the same as the full Active Recovery® bed, but the support layer is reduced to 3 cm of high density foam. 

Hospital mattress showing pressure relief construction

Hospital Mattress

This image shows a hospital mattress and illustrates the association between this pressure relief surface and those used in our Active Recovery® pressure relief orthopaedic dog bed.

Our Covers

We use hard wearing, good looking upholstery fabrics for our covers. All the fabrics are waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable.  All, with the exception of Woolly, are antimicrobial, antifungal and urine resistant. These characteristics means these beds do not smell and the need to wash the covers is greatly reduced. For car and kennel use we recommend Elements,  a fabric designed for outdoors which is extremely waterproof and UV resistant. Round the house,  Nobel,  Laurel  and Sahel fabrics give you a choice of 27 different colours. They are machine washable and between washes they can all be cleaned with a vacuum, while persistent marks can be wiped using water and a damp cloth. A microfibre cloth is provided with each bed. We want the covers to remain waterproof so we do not quilt them. The cover seams are on the side walls of the beds to minimise the chance of moisture getting through to the foam cushion. Where there is a need for infection control, where a dog is regularly incontinent, or  there is a rapid, high through movement of dogs, such as in a groomers,  our stretch PU fabric is ideal. Seams are thermally welded, not sewn, so these covers are wiped or hosed clean and can be fully immersed as they are completely watertight.

Inner sleeves and stockinette are used to make it easier to replace covers when they have been removed for washing. They do not serve any other purpose. Stockinette is used on bolsters, pillows and Active Recovery® Lite beds to avoid any chance of movement being restricted and to help keep the cost down.

For a full description of the cover fabrics, please see Fabrics and Colours.

We use heavy duty zips appropriate to the size of the beds. Zips are used to enable covers to be removed for washing and replacement and to hold the bolsters  in place. We do not use Velcro because it inevitably fills with fur and becomes less effective. All our zips are obscured, ie there is fabric covering them to make them less visible and hence less likely to receive unwanted attention from a bored dog.

Please read the section on choosing the right bed to make sure you are selecting the best option of bed for the specific purpose and your dog.