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The SafeRocker+ is a highly flexible, multipurpose piece of equipment suitable for:

  • Post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation
  • Neurological conditions
  • Maintaining and improving mobility in older and arthritic dogs
  • Fitness work
  • Balance training
  • Agility contact work
  • Agility seesaw introduction and confidence building

The SafeRocker+ comprises a continuous curved (top) side and a flat (bottom) side, respectively referred to as Rocker Mode and Stationary Mode. In other words, it can be used either way up.

The equipment is useful for balance and proprioception training for both hindlimbs and forelimbs, as well as for side to side exercises. It can be used for developing and reinstating core strength and confidence on unstable surfaces. It is also suitable for stretching, and reaction and control work.

The SafeRocker+ can be used at all stages of rehabilitation, for example, in early bi-directional rehabilitation following TPLO/TTA. During later rehabilitation, it can be used as an introduction to hill work, walking and trotting, and side stepping. It is also suitable for neurological rehab, such as stepping up and weight shifting on a moving surface.

Its flexibility, and the ease and safety of its use means we are confident you will find the SafeRocker+ an invaluable addition to your equipment resources.

Easily carried using the webbing handles and weighing only 10kg, it can readily be taken between venues. There are so many ways of using this equipment, it may reduce the amount of equipment you need to transport with you, or even to have back at base. Let us know how you use it so we can share your experiences with others.

Rocker Mode

The SafeRocker+ (SR+) delivers an easily controlled rocking action. The continuous base curve prevents any sudden tipping or slamming. Should a dog leap off in an uncontrolled way, the SR+ will not bang noisily. If the dog is off-centre, the SR+ simply tilts gently in response to a change in position. Rocking and tilting are easily managed by foot or use of wedges or blocks.

Dogs readily become comfortable with the stability of the SR+ and focused work can commence very soon after the dog is introduced to the equipment. The therapist can concentrate on the dog rather than on controlling the equipment.

The SR+ in Rocker Mode can be stabilised using cushions or wedges to provide a stationary slope of up to 15 degrees. The highly effective non-slip top and bottom rubber faces ensure the SafeRocker+ remans securely in position on all floor surfaces.

Uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Core stability
  • Reaction and responsiveness
  • Unstable surface confidence building
  • Step on and off unstable surfaces
  • Fixed slope work

For those involved in agility, the SR+ can be used to introduce dogs to the seesaw, or to rebuild confidence following a fright on full sized equipment. For nervous dogs, it can be a safe and secure route to their introduction to the full sized seesaw.

Stationary Mode

Stationary Mode presents a stable, non-slip curved surface with a variably sized step edge. Small and medium sized dogs can work across the 60cm wide platform as well as along the length of the SR+. For larger dogs, two SafeRocker+ may be positioned adjacent to each other to provide a larger working surface if desired for step work.

Uses include, but are not restricted to:

  • Variable height step up and step down
  • Walkover work
  • Uneven surface sit and stand
  • Bowing stretches on uneven surface
  • Baited stretches

Use in conjunction with other equipment

The SafeRocker+ (SR+) can be used in conjunction with our large Physiotherapy Floor Mats to add extra challenge. Position the SR+ on top of the mat to provide an unstable standing surface for fore or hind legs as the dog stands on the SR+. Equally, when using the SR+ for step up exercises, positioning it on a Physiotherapy Mat further increases the challenge as the dog steps up from a soft surface.

The SR+ may also be used in a sequence of balance equipment, such as our Proprioception Track or with other balance equipment you may have available, adding a wobble or curved surface to a sequence of surface challenges.

The SR+ combines well with the Step System, which can be used to lift the centre of gravity of the working dog and hence increase the degree of wobble the SR+ delivers.

Equipment details:

110cm long, 60cm wide, 17cm at highest point, lowest edge height 7cm.

Curve radius 1568mm. Maximum tilt/slope angle of 15 degrees. Weight 10kgs.

  • Working surfaces comprise of tough, fine ribbed non-slip rubber.
  • Side walls are wipe clean vinyl.
  • May be cleaned by hosing
  • Webbing handles on either side for easy of carrying.
  • Easily stowed on its side

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