Easy Care - These dog beds are easy care. Cover fabrics are stain and urine resistant. To  remove fur and dry mud, use a vacuum cleaner or stiff brush. More stubborn marks can be removed with the microfibre cloth provided with each bed. Use cold water for bodily fluids and warm water for fat from a bone, pig’s ear or similar. Covers are machine washable at 30oC, but this will be required only occasionally. Over-washing will regrade the fabrics stay-clean characteristics.

Odour free - Because the fabric is waterproof and antimicrobial, you will not need to wash these covers frequently. Most of the odour from a dog bed comes from the inner cushion which absorbs dirt and fluids over time. Our covers keep these odours out of the cushion.

Hard wearing - The fabrics used by the Big Dog Bed Company are hard wearing upholstery fabrics designed for use in challenging situations such as restaurants, bars, conference centres, etc. They meet the fire regulations for domestic upholstery and will maintain their looks and functionality for several years if looked after properly. The inner sleeve found on the foams is there to make it easier to take covers off and one and should not require washing. However, should you wish to, wash as for the other fabrics.

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The following table provides an overview of the washing instructions for the different fabrics.

Nobel, Laurel and SahelElements and Woolly
Vacuum dry dust and fur

Use damp cloth to remove marks

Close zips and have the cover the correct way out, not inside out

Wash separately

Machine wash at 30oC delicate programme.

Dry flat.

Do not tumble dry.

Cool iron on the outside, if desired.

Do not dry clean
As for Nobel, but no iron

Technical Details

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Download the care instructions for Nobel, Laurel, Elements, Woolly and Sahel fabrics here.

Download the care instructions for PU fabric here.

The technical details of the fabrics can be downloaded using the links below.