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NEW The CAR CUBE® back seat protector

What is the Car Cube®?

The best way to transport your older, anxious dog, or just those who prefer to travel in style.

It is a comfortable, secure and safe way to transport your dog in the car without putting them in the boot, while also having two people in the back seat.

The Car Cube® is designed for medium to large dogs such as labradors, vizslas, collies, cockerpoos, for example. It occupies one seat space in the back of your car, leaving two free for passengers. It is waterproof and fleece lined, and has a slot for attaching your dog's harness to the seatbelt fixing, ensuring they are completely safe. It is also fully machine washable.

There are lots of reasons why you might struggle to transport your dog.

  • There are always things in the boot of the car so there's no space
  • It's too much hassle to lift a dog crate or dog guard in and out of the car when you want to use the space for other things
  • Your dog is a nervous traveller so doesn't like the boot
  • You have an older dog and it is increasingly difficult to lift them into and out of the boot
  • Your older dog does not like the boot because it doesn't feel secure
  • Your dog gets car sick
Ideal for travel sick dogs

Why is the Car Cube® good for dogs that get car sick? The back seat is the most stable place in your vehicle so your dog will be subject to the least motion when seated in the Car Cube®. A dislike of travelling can be the result of anxiety and the Car Cube® brings your dog closer to you as the driver, and to other passengers which will help reassure them.

Transport your older dog comfortably

Travelling is very tiring if a dog is loose in the boot of the car as they have to brace themselves against the motion, even in a crate. This is especially the case for older dogs who tire more easily and if they have arthritis, they can arrive at their destination feeling very sore, which is definitely to be avoided, especially if that destination is to go for a lovely walk. In the same way as for dogs who get travel sick, being in the Car Cube® on the back seat increases comfort and security and reduces fatigue.

Great for taking your dog on holiday

Going on holiday with your dog is great fun, but trying to squeeze all the holiday paraphernalia and the kids and dog into the car can be a real nightmare, even if you have a roof box. The Car Cube® lets you fill the boot to the roof and still take the dog with you on the back seat alongside the kids. Everyone including the dog is held securely in place by the seatbelt.

Easily get your older dog into the car

The Car Cube® is easier than the boot for an older dog with mobility problems to get in and out of.  As our dogs get older, jumping into and out of the car becomes increasingly troublesome. They can't or won't do it and you don't really want them doing it as it is very hard on their joints. A solution is to use a ramp or steps, but it can be extremely difficult to "teach an old dog new tricks", and they bypass the aid to jump straight out. Lifting a large, often muddy dog in and out the boot also has its issues for your clothes! The back seat is generally lower than the boot and you can more easily help them in with a hand boost to their backside. Helping them out involves using the harness to provide support and control their exit using the access flap.

How to use the Car Cube®

Position the Car Cube® in the car so that the drop down access flap faces out the door. It will be easier to set the Cube up correctly if the access flap is fully closed using all the fixings.

Place the retaining straps over the front passenger and back seat head rests and adjust the length so that the base of the Car Cube® is fully resting on the car seat, it should not be suspended.

Feed the strap connecting the dog's harness to the seatbelt fixing through the corner slot at the base so it is ready to use when your dog enters the Car Cube®.

To allow your dog to get into the , undo all the clips so that the flaps drops down to protect the car paintwork and seat as your dog gets in. Fasten the trigger clips first to keep your dog in the Cube while you attach the seatbelt strap, then close the final top poppers.

Dog must wear a harness connected to the seat belt fixing while in the Car Cube®.

You may need to do a little bit of training to get your dog used to relaxing in the Cube. We find that even very excitable dogs quickly settle down once the car is moving and the novelty wears off.

Key attributes:
  • Waterproof shell protects car seats from wet, muddy dogs
  • Tough, lightweight fabric
  • Cosy fleece lining
  • Fully machine washable
  • Drop down flap to protect car paintwork and seat squab as dogs enter the car
  • Easy closure using quick fasten clips
  • Adjustable straps enable fitting to any style of vehicle
  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Removeable stiffening rods for ease of washing
  • Size: base 52cm square, sides 48cm high, top 62cm square

You can buy the Car Cube® with or without the adjustable strap for attaching your dog to seatbelt.

Not included:
We do not supply harnesses, because many dog owners already have a harness. If you do not already have one for your dog, we recommend you seek out a crash tested brand.


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