Therapy Floor Mats

Colour: Navy


Therapy Floor Mats provide a comfortable surface for the patient and an improved working environment for therapists. The mat core is 5cm of high density foam which provides a highly stable platform for the dog, aiding confidence building, while avoiding any risk of tripping or unsteadiness. The stretch PU cover is tough, waterproof and will not support microbial growth so only needs a quick wipe between clients. They may be safely cleaned with disinfectants designed for medical environments. The seams are welded to prevent moisture entering the foam core. The mats are highly durable, the oldest and first made still being in use after almost six years.

These large mats are designed to accommodate both patient and therapist and are even big enough to allow the dog owner to get involved. The large size means that the dog can be allowed to find a comfortable position on the mat with minimum risk of them settling too near the edge. There is no need to direct the dog into a particular spot so the session starts with a more relaxed patient.

 The stretch fabric cover is a useful tool for identifying if a limb is being favoured since creasing round the paw is indicative of limb loading. Pressing the foam in a tightly focused manner can stimulate a targeted proprioceptive response in the limb. The covers are waterproof and wipe clean. Seams are welded to prevent moisture entry to the foam so mats may be used poolside, provided they are hosed clean of heavily chlorinated water at the end of each day. These mats have been developed with the assistance of Veterinary Physiotherapist, Victoria Boakes.

Three standard sizes are offered, Small (104 x 80cm), Large (104 x 160cm) and Giant (140 x 200cm). Mats can also be made to a bespoke size on request. To benefit from the size of these mats, you should select the largest that you can accommodate in your treatment room.

Please note that the Giant Therapy Mat is 60% larger than the Large. Please ensure that you have correctly measured the space available to accommodate the mat ordered.

The Folding Therapy Mat is useful for those who travel to clients or where space is limited. This mat is 80 x 104 x 10cm when folded and 104 x 160cm when open. PLEASE NOTE this is only available in a bi-colour of Navy and Royal Blue.

Table Top Therapy Mats are also available. These have three fully adjustable straps to hold them securely in place. Standard mat depth is 5cm. A 10cm deep Active Recovery version is available for therapists wanting to provide a pressure relief surface to patients that are recumbent for longer such as during massage or acupuncture. Mats are made to fit the tables in a practice.

View Tabletop Therapy Mats here.

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