Helping Hand Offloading Harness



The Offloading Helping Hand Harness is the 'rolls royce' of hip and spine support tools. It is designed for dogs post surgery, for use during prolonged rehabilitation and for dogs  with chronic conditions that require rear limb support. Safe for long term use.

This well-fitting harness provides stable and controlled support giving dog and the person assisting their movement confidence. Motion is more natural, and the potential for development of compensatory injuries minimised.

The harness is fitted round the legs and hips and is highly customisable, ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable fit. The soft, robust fabric prevents any tendency for abrasion. Readily adjustable straps allow any height of user to walk comfortably and safely with the dog. Hand wash at 30°C. Available in five sizes.

 Size Measurements (cm)
Extra Small 36 - 44
Small 44.5 - 55.5
Medium 52 - 64
 Large 54.5 - 69.5
Extra Large 71 - 86

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