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Our Signature Dog Beds are the result of trialling different constructions and grades of components to two years. It is a fantastic bed that will last your dog for years. They provide high quality support and are super comfortable. We use the same components for our horse lorry cabin cushions that people sleep on, so couldn’t be better.

They have a 5 cm thick core of high density upholstery foam as you would find being used in demanding situations such as the hospitality industry - hotels, bars, restaurants - conference centres, and mattresses. These beds are made to last.

The comfort layer is provided by 2.5 cm of good quality memory foam, which is glued both top and bottom, so the beds are 10 cm deep and reversible. Handy if the cover could do with a wash and someone turns up unexpectedly for a cuppa. Just turn it over!

The beds are not bulky and can be safely walked over. For long legged and heavy dogs, they provide a stable sleeping platform they can use with confidence and find easy to get on and off.

These beds are available with covers from the Laurel and Nobel waterproof, antibacterial fabrics which are described on the Fabrics and Colours page. All are hard wearing, urine and stain resistant and machine washable. Between washes, they can be kept looking good with a quick brush or vacuum and a wipe over with a damp cloth for fatty or sticky marks.

Keeping fluids out of the cushion means the beds do not smell and you will find you will only wash the covers very occasionally. We’ve reports of covers not needing washed for two plus years!

The Signature bed comes in six sizes and bespoke. The K90 and K120 beds are ideal for alongside kitchen units as they will not protrude and cause a trip hazard. Please aim to a have a bed that is at least 10 cm larger all round that the length of your dog from nose tip to base of their tail. 

  Size (cm)
K90 90 x 60
K120 120 x 60
Medium 105 x 75
Large 120 x 85
Extra Large 134 x 95
Giant 145 x 105


If you would like a bolster or pillow on your Signature Bed, please view this here.

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