Fore Limb Medical Protection Cover



You need your dog to stop licking a wound - this lick sleeve stops the licking

The Medical Protection Covers stops your dog licking a wound so eliminates the need for an Elizabethan collar to protect an injury or surgery wound from licking or scratching. They enable your dog to move freely and naturally while at the same time protecting a wound or area of irritation, make for happier pets and improving their rate of recovery from injury or surgery. If your dog needs crate rest, the cover is much more comfortable than the traditional cone and inflatable collars. 

Made using the ScandiTex textile developed by Scandi Orthopedic specifically for this purpose they are waterproof and breathable with excellent stretch to allow freedom of movement, while also being durable. No moisture will get through to the wound or bandage, yet humidity is able to escape through the cover.

Medical Protection Covers (MCP) are made for comfort with the seams on the outside to avoid any abrasion. They can safely be left in place for 24 hours a day. Hand wash with mild detergent at a maximum of 40oC.

MCPs are available for fore and hind legs and as a full body covers.

Looking for a hind leg cover? View the hind leg cover here

 Measurement for correct size - front leg

To order the correct size, you will need to measure your dog as shown in the diagrams and relate this to the figures in the table below. It is easier to measure your dog first, write down the measurements, then check what you have written against the correct table.

Perform the measurement with the dog standing. Refer to diagram.
1. Measure the circumference of the chest at its widest (just behind the front legs).
2. Measure the distance between the armpit and the top of the paw.

Size  (in cm) Measurement 1 Measurement 2
 XXX Small 25.5 - 33.5 10.5 - 13
 XX Small 38.5 - 55.3 13.5 - 19.5
 X Small 37.5 - 47.5 20 - 24.5
 Small 52 - 67 23.5 - 29.5
 Medium 65 - 88 27 - 33.5
 Large 76.5 - 107.5 31 - 37
 Extra Large 81 - 117 34 - 42

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