Cold Compression Bandage for injuries



Rapid cooling and compression following an injury will reduce swelling and pain and shorten the time to recovery. This applies equally to people and dogs. This non-slip, self-adhesive bandage like vet wrap will provide cooling relief for up to three hours. It does not need to be pre-cooled before use, just open the packet and wrap round the injury.

Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) as a method is scientifically proven to be effective in the reduction of swelling and pain. This can be applied to short term trauma or to long term conditions such as arthritis. If you are out and about and your dog over does it, wrap the affected joint(s) in this Cold Compression Bandage to minimise the impact and swelling, whether immediately or during the car ride home. 

The Cold Compression Bandage is 4.5 m long and can be torn or cut to the length required. Any unused bandage can be returned to the self-seal package for later use. If sealed properly, the bandage cooling effect will remain active for up to six months.

The packets are neat and readily stored in the car or with your dog waste bags. If you take part in dog sports, always carry these with you in case of accidents, whether to your dog or yourself.

The bandage is a non-woven spandex 7.5 cm wide. The cooling ingredients are distilled water, medical alcohol, mint and mixed borneol.   Once used, the bandage should be discarded.

  • No need for pre-cooling
  • Self-adhesive
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Non-sterile
  • Post-injury or for tired, arthritic joints

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