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Dogrobes® products are all about EASY: easy to use, easy to wear and easy to care for. These products are hard-wearing, long-lasting, offer great value for money and are backed by a no quibble guarantee. We are very happy to partner with this award winning company. 

These practical dog drying coats are made in the UK using a superbly effective drying fabric exclusive to Dogrobes®. Longer loops on the inside absorb more moisture and trap the dog's body heat. Easily tolerated, durable, snag-proof poly-cotton towelling, the robes are easy to put on and take off with no Velcro, awkward straps or leg holes to make fitting complicated. The robes give complete freedom of movement.

They offer:

Spaniel wearing a dog drying robe view from front, side and rear


    More details

    Dogrobes® dog drying coats are the original towelling drying coat for dogs, trusted by professionals since 2004. They avoid the use of Velcro which can catch in fur and longer ears, ultimately fills with fur, becoming less effective and snags on the coat during washing.

    The drying coats are easy to fit after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing or working. Designed to hang over the hindquarters and dry the back legs. They provide excellent warmth and comfort and are not just for wet dogs. The robes slip on and offset ties ensure superb coverage of underbelly and a snug fit for a simple, secure fit.

    Dog robes dry quickly for re-use. Wash at 40° C (no Velcro to snag). Tumble dry on low.

    Made in Britain from an innovative towelling fabric exclusive to Dogrobes®: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

    Why do I need a dog robe?

    Wet fur is a poor insulator. Shaking does not remove all the moisture. Longer loops on the inside of this innovative fabric quickly wick away moisture and trap air and body heat to maintain the dog's body temperature and keep muscles warm. Ensuring your dog is warm and dry, particularly after exercise, reduces muscle stress, tension and injury. Older dogs with arthritis or joint issues will benefit significantly from the rapid drying and heat retention effect of these drying coats. If your dog likes to swim regardless of the outside temperature, these drying coats are a must.

    Ideal for the journey home in the car after a wet, muddy walk, keeping your dog warm, drying them off and protecting the inside of the car all at the same time.

    At home, when you come in from a wet walk, what happens before you can get the towel out – the wet, muddy shake. Popping the robe on immediately starts the drying process and protects surrounds from the shake off and subsequent dripping, wiping on rugs and the sofa!

    Sizes and Measurement


    Example Breed

    Dogs' Girth and Length Measurement (inches/cm)


    Yorkshire terrier

    16 / 41


    Jack Russell

    20 / 51

    Extra Small

    Cocker Spaniel

    24 / 61


    Springer Spaniel

    26 / 66


    Border Collie

    30 / 71



    32 / 86

    Extra Large

    German Shepherd

    36 /  96

    XX Large

    Great Dane

    40 /  101

    XXX Large


    44 /  112


    Fitting and care


    • The Dogrobe length is the same as the girth.
    • Your dog’s collar to tail measurement will normally be a few centimetres shorter than the girth measurement.
    • The extra centimetres in length are needed to drape over the hindquarters and cover the back legs.
    • If your dog is between sizes, opt for the size up.
    • If your dog's length matches its girth, opt for the size up.
    • Please measure carefully as indicated in the diagram above left.


    • Wash your Dogrobe separately before its first use.
    • Fabric dries quickly and is lightweight on the dog, even when wet. Breathable & snag-proof.
    • Machine washable at 40°C. Fabric conditioner can be used sparingly. Can be tumble dried on a low heat. (No Velcro to stick while laundering.)
    • Beware! Some dogs like to chew, so we recommend not leaving your dog unattended while wearing a Dogrobe, if this is the case with your dog.

     Should you need to return your purchase, please view how to do this here.


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