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Solid and very stable, the Step System is designed to enable therapists and sports dog trainers to set up variable levels for patients to traverse and do exercises on.

The system comprises of two sizes of step, 100 x 50 and 50 x 50cm. The step height is 66mm. Fine ribbed rubber matting is fixed to both sides of the steps, so they are highly non-slip. The ribbing also ensures the blocks lock together when stacked so there is no risk of movement as the patient walks across them. A complete system comprises eight pieces, two 100 x 50cm and four 50 x 50cm steps. However, the steps can be bought individually as well.

You will not find a more secure, purpose made piece of equipment for building confidence and strength over variable height surfaces.

The Steps System can also be used in combination with the SafeRocker+. Place the longer blocks at either end of the SafeRocker+ and walk the dog from the stable step onto the unstable rocker and onward onto the stable step again. The minimal height difference between the two pieces of equipment makes for an easy transition from stable to unstable platforms.

The blocks can be neatly stacked on their sides out of the way. Currently, the blocks are available only in black with black ribbed matting. The red illustrated is to show the ribbed matting clearly only. Ribbed matting is black.

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