Huge choice of sizes
Our dog beds are available in 14 standard sizes across the different bed styles. All the bed sizes are nominal which means if you measure them they may not be exactly the advertised size. This is because we are dealing with soft materials which squash differently, depending on how tight the cover is and and how heavy the cover fabric is. All our beds are hand made so some differences between batches may occur however, the differences will be slight.

In case you are wondering, we don't call any of our beds 'small' because we are the Big Dog Bed Company!

Made to Measure beds
If none of the standard sizes quite suit your needs you can always opt for a made to measure bed. We can offer pretty much any size and shape of bed you want, within reason. The more complicated the shape, the more expensive the bed will be because the cover will be difficult to produce and it likely to use a lot of fabric.

It may not be possible to produce the shape you desire, but we will try our best and let you know in advance if it is not going to be possible. We can make circular beds, but not oval

Take a look at the bespoke page to read more about the made-to-measure service.

A bed big enough for your dog
When choosing a bed size, please ensure it is big enough for your dog to lie completely flat on and preferably with about 10 cm all round as they rarely choose to lie bang in the middle of their bed, do they? Even if your dog likes to curl up to sleep, they should still be able to stretch out fully, should they want to. If a dog can only curl in their bed, it is like you or I sleeping in an armchair - comfy for a while, but you sure do wake up with a crick in your neck and a stiff back and it certainly isn't something you'd want to do day in and day out.

Bolsters and Pillows
Bolsters and Pillows are available for a limited number of our standard sizes of bed and for bespoke orders. Please remember when choosing a bed size that the addition of a Bolster or Pillow will reduce the area of bed available on which the dog can sleep flat. You may need to go up a size of bed if you decide you want to add a Bolster or Pillow.

Beds for dog crates
We have five standard sizes of crate mat. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a standard size of crate as each manufacturer seems to have slightly different measurements. Remember to measure the inside of the crate where the bed is to go to be sure of getting one that fits neatly.

Three Labradors
Three wolfhounds in a field
Size cmSignature Beds  Beds with Bolster
or  Pillow
Active Recovery® Orthopaedic
Kennel Beds

Active Recovery Lite
Mini80 x 60 x 8
K90AR90 x 60 x 8
K120AR120 x 60 x 8
MedLite105 x 75 x 8
K9090 x 60 x 10
K120120 x 60 x 10Active Recovery®
Medium105 x 75 x 10105 x 75 x 10 *~105 x 75 x10105 x 75 x 7.5
Large120 x 85 x10120 x 85 x 10 *~120 x 85 x 10120 x 85 x 7.5
Extra large134 x 95 x 10134 x 95 x 10 **#134 x 85 x 10134 x 95 x 7.5
Giant145 x 105 x 10145 x 105 x 10 **#145 x 105 x 10145 x 105 x 7.5
Size cm Crate Mats
45 x  56 x 5
CM256 x 76 x 5
CM364 x 91 x 5
CM471 x 101 x 5
CM574 x 121 x 5

 Please note that sizes of soft furnishings are nominal.

* Bolster height 15 cm,
** Bolster height 19 cm
~Pillow height 12 cm,
#Pillow height 14 cm