Greyhound lying on an Active Recovery orthopaedic dog bed made by Big Dog Bed Company

We make your dog more comfortable

MAKING DOG BEDS BETTER - Because good quality sleep is NOT a luxury

Bespoke orthopaedic dog bed with back and side bolsters


Our Made-to-Measure service gives you complete control and enables you to customise your dog's bed to suit the space available in your home, car or kennel.

When you order a bespoke bed, you are able to specify the cushion construction, the shape and the fabric.  All the fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, stain and urine resistant and machine washable at 30°C.



How much thought do you put into buying a bed for a family member? Hopefully, quite a lot, given that they will typically spend 8 hours a day in it, and if it is for a teenager, then even more time (if they are allowed!).

Your dog is a member of the family too and the same consideration should be given to your dog’s bed and how it impacts on them.

Irish Terrier in woodland
Union flag image - Big Dog Bed Company is proud to manufacture their dog beds in the UK

Proud to be made in the UK

All our beds and veterinary equipment are designed by us and made in the UK. We purchase a small amount of specialist fabric direct from the manufacturer in Belgium and The Netherlands, however, everything else is sourced in the UK. 
We are the UK distributor for Scandi Orthopedic equipment all of which is made in the EU.

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