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The pressure relief Active Recovery® bed has a strong pedigree. It is based on bed construction used in medical environments, including NHS hospitals, to prevent the development of pressure sores. (Third photo shown above) The bed design ensures an even distribution of weight across a dog’s body. Pressure on sensitive, inflamed areas is minimised, resulting in a reduction in muscle tension, greater comfort and improved sleep quality.

Dogs with arthritis, joint dysplasia or other orthopaedic or neurological conditions or who are on extended crate rest following surgery will benefit from this pressure relief bed. 

The castellated bed structure of the Active Recovery® Bed allows the individual foam elements to move in direct response to the amount of pressure applied. This differential movement of foam cells ensures an even distribution of pressure, thereby minimising loading to any one area. The dog lies in a neutral position, reducing tension in muscles while the even spread of pressure will help reduce joint inflammation and the associated pain and stiffness.

The Active Recovery Bed has been developed in conjunction with Falcon Sport™ and benefits from research conducted during the development of mattresses for NHS bariatric patients. Extensive testing and pressure mapping of different foam configurations was conducted to develop a high quality pressure relief surface. Pressure mapping has demonstrated that a pressure relief environment is maintained over extended periods. These foams have received approval from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for use in the NHS.

This science has now been applied to develop the Active Recovery® Bed for dogs. No other dog bed offers a well researched pressure relief sleeping platform, designed specifically to promote an improved sleep pattern in dogs with joint issues or those rehabilitating after an injury.

The Active Recovery® range cones in 8 sizes and two foam configurations. The standard construction is 5 cm of high density foam for support and 5 cm of castellated memory foam for pressure relief. The Active Recovery® Lite bed for dogs under 15 kg comprises a 5 cm castellated memory foam on a 3 cm high density foam base. 

The Active Recovery® CoolComfort option uses a castellated soft upholstery foam in place of memory foam to avoid the heat retention effect of memory foam. This is the option to choose if your dog overheats easily.

Borders are used round the sides of the castellated foams to protect the cells from damage and to prevent the edge of the bed being too soft. Border size varies with bed size and is not used at all on the AR Lite series as both the beds and dogs are lighter and to maximise the pressure relief area on smaller beds.

From the outside, the Active Recovery® Bed looks the same as our Signature Beds and can have any of the cover types available for other beds. It is also possible to have an Active Recovery® foam with a bolster or pillow. If you would like a PU cover with welded seams, please go to the Incontinence Beds for Dogs page.

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