Inflatable operating mattress for equine surgery - large



An inflatable equine surgery mattress for use on large flat tables

This model is designed for use on flat tables with or without insets, making it extra flexible. The principal cushion is H-shaped comprising a base layer and a top cushion comprising three elements, the central one which is inflated for lateral placement and deflated for dorsal. To complete the lateral set up, a double depth infill cushion is positioned at the inset of the H. The whole structure is 36cm deep, providing greater levels of support than the FTS.

This inflatable surgery mattress is suitable for other large animal surgery procedures in addition to use in an equine environment.

FTL Flat operating table kit large comprises:

  • Two tier H-shaped cushion
  • One infill side cushion, two tier
  • One pair withers cushions (WSC)
  • A head cushion assembly comprising V cushion with base cushion for the dorsal position, 76cm long by 58cm wide. (DHC)
  • Two tier rectangular head cushion for lateral placement (RTC-3)

Spares and replacement elements:
  • H shaped two tier main cushion assembly;
  • Single tier, three section top cushion assembly
  • Central infill cushion (one tier)
  • Side infill cushion (two tier)

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