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These dog shoes protect your dog's feet when they have an injury or if they have arthritis and have a tendency to drag their toes. They are also great for protecting your dogs feet from ice, salt and prevent snow accumulating between their toes.

Made with a water-repellent, durable material they have a flexible, super strong sole that will not wear out. This is carried onto the top of the shoe to protect toes that are dragged. The flexible body of the shoe and lack of hard base means the shoe is very comfortable resulting in dogs readily accepting the covering.

Uniquely this shoe has fastening straps that keep the shoe securely in place. Your dog won't come back from running in the woods with the shoe hanging off, our worse still, missing altogether. The lower adjustable strap in particular relieves phalanges suffering from arthritis.  The third strap is detachable and adjustable wrist strap for extra security.

These shoes are easy to fit and will stay in place. The base covering is unique to these shoes and has been heavily tested to make sure it does not wear out. Many alternative materials were trialed before settling on this one. Hand wash in mild detergent at 30oC.

Comes in pairs.  Available in five sizes.  The dimensions below indicate the shoe size and your dog's paw should be smaller than the size you select. Measure your dog's paw at the widest point to get the circumference. This will tell you the length of shoe that will fit.

 Size shoe length cm  shoe circumference cm
Extra Small 7 8
Small 11 12
Medium 13 15
Large 15.5 18
Extra Large 18 22

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