Independent Inflatable Equine Surgery Table



A fully independent operating table with support frame and integral head support that can be used in the field, stable or practice.

The table comprises four layers (dorsal set up) or five layers (lateral set up) each of which inflates independently ensuring that there will be no catastrophic collapse due to puncture or valve failure. These are secured together by press studs and are supplied ready stacked. If desired, one layer need not be inflated to accommodate different heights of personnel.

Patients are rolled or lifted on to the uninflated surface of the table and each layer is inflated individually, commencing from the bottom. Time to deploy from the carry case to the dorsal configuration is around 15 minutes, with an experienced operator.

IVEM-1 Independent lifting table kit comprises:

  • IVEM-1 Dorsal lifting table (279 x 142 cm)
  • IVEM-1 Lateral table top (272 x 163 cm)
  • One pair withers cushions (WSC)
  • Limb support kit (LSK)
  • Carry case (CYC)

Spares and replacement elements:

  • Replacement dorsal top cushion
  • Replacement lift mid-section
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