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For busy veterinary practices we provide a range of kennel beds that save time, minimise bed washing demands and reduce water and electricity use. All may be used with heat mats and will tolerate medical grade disinfectants.

We use high quality foams to ensure the beds provide the best quality sleeping environment to your patients. Good quality sleep is a vital contributor to the recovery of patients and this begins with the quality of bedding provided.

Kennel Beds are available in standard or bespoke sizes. We recommend that beds fully fit the kennels in which they are to be used. This prevents patients falling off the edge, bowls tipping and limits the chance for dog to chew corners.

Key features of our Kennel Beds:

  • highly waterproof (>2m head)
  • antibacterial - will not support microbial growth
  • easily cleaned by wiping or hosing,
  • hard wearing and specifically designed for use in challenging healthcare environments.
  • thermally welded seams to exclude moisture
  • comfortable and supportive
  • available in standard and bespoke sizes

The stretch polyurethane (PU) fabric covers are tough and easily cleaned, while also providing a comfortable resting surface for patients. The fabric will not support microbial growth, and can tolerate temperatures up to 95oC, contributing to the delivery of infection control strategies. Seams are thermally welded, not sewn, so there is no puncturing of the waterproof surface, ensuring that there is no moisture ingress to the foam core. The fabric can be readily repaired should it be punctured or chewed.

Three colours are available, making it possible to easily identify beds from different parts of the surgery and enabling them to be dedicated to particular uses.

There are four cushion choices, depending the size of kennel, the duration of the patients’ stay and their condition.

Kennel Mats are a 5 cm deep medium/high density upholstery foam. These are intended for short term use, typically less than 48 hours. Please order from here.

Kennel Beds are 7.5 cm deep and comprise of 5 cm high density foam topped by
2.5 cm of good quality memory foam. They are ideal for larger patients and those that need to be kept at the practice for moderate periods of time - four to five days.

Kennel Mattresses are 10 cm deep and comprise of 7.5 cm high density foam topped by 2.5 cm of good quality memory foam. These are for extra large walk-in kennels which house particularly large patients and those that need to be kept at the practice for longer periods.

Active Recovery® pressure relief beds have a castellated surface to ensure even distribution of weight across the patients' body. Active Recovery Lite is designed for smaller, lighter weight dogs. Patients with arthritis, orthopaedic or neurological conditions or who will be recumbent for extended periods would be best accommodated on an Active Recovery® bed. This construction has been approved by NICE for use in NHS hospitals for pressure relief use. Please order from here.

Kennel Beds are available in standard sizes or bespoke made, to fit your kennels exactly. If you would like a quote for beds to fit your kennels, please complete the form here.

Order preparation and shipping
Dispatched within 48 hours of order when in stock

The following items are dispatched within 48 hours of your order on a next day delivery service:

  • Dog-G8 flexible door barrier
  • Medical Protection Covers
  • DogRobes
  • Non-slip Mats
  • Dog Shoes
  • Threshold Ramps
  • Helping Hands Sling
  • Cold Compression Bandage

Dispatch of beds

All our beds are made to order. This is how we are able to offer such a large number of sizes and colours.

We aim to dispatch your bed within 14 days of order, and usually manage to do it sooner. If the colour of fabric is not available in that timeframe, we will alert you to the delay and you can opt to change the colour you have selected.

Bespoke beds will generally take four to six weeks. This is because we have to order the bespoke size of foam which can take some time to arrive.


We charge for shipping. There is no such thing as free shipping - it is either declared openly as we do, or its cost is hidden in the price you are paying for the item you are buying. The price of shipping depends on the size of the item ordered. Typically a bed shipped within mainland UK will cost £15-18. We use FedEx as they are reliable and are willing to handle our bulky products.

For small items under 2kgs we use Royal Mail next day tracked service. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed to be a next day delivery. Orders placed before 12 noon will go out the same day.

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