Operating Table Mattresses

Colour: Navy


Operating Table Mattresses help retain patient body heat and reduce the bruising that can occur during longer procedures. Adjustable straps with clips hold the mattresses in place. Covers are waterproof and antibacterial with welded seams so no moisture enters the cushion. Cleaning is by wiping or hosing. 

Tolerant of medical grade disinfection. They can be used with heat pads and are X-ray transparent.

Available in three thicknesses:

  • 5 cm for procedures under two hours long
  • 7.5 cm comprising 5 cm high density foam for support and 2.5 cm of memory foam for additional comfort during longer procedures
  • 10 cm comprising 7.5 cm high density foam and 2.5 cm of memory foam
  • Active Recovery pressure relief foam for extended procedures

Mattresses are made to fit the tables in a practice. Sizes up to 140 cm long and 60 cm wide in a single piece are priced according to the table below, and include VAT. On receipt of your order we will email you to ask for the actual dimensions of the table.

Should you require a mattress in two or three sections, please complete the  order form available here to receive a quote. Some tables have large holes in them and might benefit from the mattress having a stiffening board. If you think this applies to you, please email a photograph of the table top. These boards are X-ray translucent.

Straps are positioned 25 cm from each end of the mattress. Some structures on the underside of your table may require these to be in a different position. We will check this with you when we confirm your order.

Mattress depth  Price including VAT
5cm  £175
7.5cm  £199
10cm £220
Active Recovery® pressure relief (10cm) £265

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