Scandi Orthopedic Carpal Orthosis with Paw

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A rigid carpal orthosis that stabilises both the joint and the paw.

  • Immobilising the carpal joint and paw
  • Post-operative and conservative treatment of fractures, ligament and tendon injuries
  • Stabilisation of the lower leg if surgery has to be delayed
  • Ease of moulding to the patient's limb
  • Readily remoulded if the shape needs adjustment on first fitting or subsequently
  • Downgrade to a lighter level of support by removing the thermoplastic sheath
  • Readily access to inspect wounds
  • Rigidly stabilises both tarsal joint and paw
  • Lightweight and comfortable for the patient
  • Much cleaner than a traditional plaster cast

The unique design of this carpal orthosis includes a thermoplastic fabric sheet that turns it into an immobilising cast after heating in hot water.  The orthosis is easy to shape and quick to apply.  Should the initial shape require adjustment, the thermoplastic fabric can be reheated and remoulded. The limb can be positioned optimally for healing and then subsequently adjusted to a more normal position as recovery progresses. The thermoplastic can be remoulded an almost infinite number of times.

The orthosis has the additional benefit of easy removal for wound inspection and for early rehabilitation. If it is no longer required for healing, the thermoplastic paw element can be cut off leaving the remaining support stabilising only the carpal joint.

When increased flexibility is wanted, the thermoplastic part of the orthosis can be removed leaving the neoprene part to be used together with the supplied stabilising straps and extra sole as a grade 2 orthosis.


The orthoses can be readily customised by trimming the length and/or diameter. If the ordered size does not fit, this can be returned for a refund or exchange provided it is in as new condition, ie there have benn no modifications including melting of the thermoplastic for shaping purposes.

Measurement 1: Measure the circumference of the carpal joint.

Measurement 2: Measure frm the elbow to the top of the foot.

NOTE: the Tarsal orthosis with paw can be viewed here


Size Measurement 1 (cm) Measurement 2 (cm)
XS Up to 10 7.5 – 13
S Up to 12 12 – 18
M Up to 15.5 16 – 23.5
L Up to 19.5 17 – 26
XL Up to 22.5 20 – 30

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