Banish the 'cone of shame'

dog wearing a medical protection cover on front leg    Dog wearing a medical protection cover on hind leg

Diagram of dog head wearing a wound protection cone

Available for hind and fore limbs

Our Medical Protection Covers let your pet move freely and lie comfortably while effectvely preventing them from licking or biting their wound. No more stress or anxiety from wearing the traditional collar.

The lightweight, yet tough, stretch fabric is easy to wear and move around in, making your pet significantly happier while recovering from injury or surgery.

Allows your dog to exercise easily and to sleep comfortably when on crate rest.

* Waterproof  * Breathable  * Washable

 --- Freedom of movement --- Comfortable 24/7
 --- Cover skin irritations --- Post-inury or surgery
--- Ideal for dogs on crate rest --- External seams avoid rubbing
--- Suitable for dogs and cats --- Seven sizes

Improve the quality of life of your furry friend