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We have teamed up with Greenr to give you the option to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase. This is not an exact offset for your specific purchase, but rather an acknowledgement that everything we do has a carbon cost in terms of the energy used to make a product and to deliver it to your home.

To calculate the actual carbon cost of all our products would be extremely complicated and would mean having a different offset for each product. So instead we are asking you to make a donation to projects which help reduce carbon release and improve carbon storage by simply ticking the option to add £2 to your order, and Greenr will do the rest. Big Dog Bed Company will match this with a further £2. 

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The fee taken by Greenr to managing the offset scheme is 5% of the amount paid, so for your £2 donation, 10p is paid to Greenr to operate and 5% of the balancing amount paid by Big Dog Bed Company is also paid to GreenR. This 5% is used to cover cloud hosting, app development and some staff costs at Greenr. 

The offsets collected are pooled together and then allocate the funds evenly between each of the programmes. Each time an offset is purchased, Greenr receive a proof of donation. All the programmes identified by Greenr are vetted thoroughly before choosing them and regularly audited to ensure that they are using the carbon offset funds correctly.

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GREENR Projects

All of Greenr projects have the highest classification of carbon credits, under the Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, the UK Woodland Carbon Code and CCB Standards. Projects currently  being funded are listed below.


Forest Carbon  - was founded in 2006 and is the UK’s leading developer of woodland creation projects for business carbon footprints. Together with partners they have planted 8.5 million trees in 172 new woodlands around the UK, all certified under the government’s ISO14065 accredited Woodland Carbon Code.

Carbon Tanzania  occupies a unique position in the conservation world in East Africa. A social enterprise at heart, they seek to reframe the way people view and utilise natural landscapes. Their pioneering business approach ensures that value is realised through a network of stakeholders, from the forest communities themselves through to the companies and individuals providing the finance.

CO2balance  - develop and implement projects that deliver the combined benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving socio-economic conditions for target communities, making quantifiable contributions to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Greenr is partnering with CO2balance for their Borehole and Fuel-efficient stove projects in Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Ecosphere+  - is a mission-driven business that helps companies create and implement nature-based solutions that enable them to succeed in a world aligned with global climate and development goals. As a project partner with GreenR our customers will have access to two of their leading offsetting projects in Peru: Cordillera Azul and Nii Kaniti.

Greenr's portfolio of projects specialise in having strong social and environmental benefits, having positive impacts on local employment, poverty rates and wildlife conservation. For more info visit

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