Kennel Mats

Colour: Navy


These mats save you time and money, and keep your patients comfortable and relaxed. Completely waterproof with welded seams, no fluids can enter the cushion. Cleaning is by wiping or hosing. They will take medical grade disinfection and are suitable for use with heat pads.

The fabric will not support microbial growth and this, along with the welded seams, supports infection control within veterinary practices.

Our Kennel Mats and Beds come in a wide range of options. These are listed separately for clarity. This page deals with Kennel Mats. These are 5cm (2 inches) thick and designed for short stay patients, typically 24-48 hours. Larger and longer stay patients should be on our 7.5cm or 10cm thick Kennel Beds, while post-operative and long stay patients on should be on our Active Recovery® pressure relief beds.

Standard sizes are available, but most practices order bespoke sizes to fit their kennels perfectly. Please complete the form here to receive a quote.

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