Saddle-Sandbag positioning supports



The Saddle-Sandbag is designed for those situations when a limb needs to be held out securely without any load on it and standard sandbags are not suited to this purpose. The Saddle-Sandbag won't replace the ones you've already got, but they will do certain jobs a lot better.

There is no need to manipulate the sandbag to the desired shape. The weight is split between two bags joined by a broad central strap so the strap is placed round or over the limb or other body part. They can be shortened by wrapping the central section round either weighted bag.

The small sandbag has a total length of 50 cm and  is 10 cm wide, with a 30 cm long central strap section. Each bag weighs 300g. The large has 600g end weights, a total length of 60 cm, and width of 19 cm, with a central strap section of 30 cm. Saddle-Sandbads are sold in pairs


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