Flexi-Wedge positioning supports

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Correct positioning during imaging procedures is extremely important to diagnosis and determination of the correct treatment. Likewise, having the patient positioned for ideal access during surgery will influence both the success and speed of the procedure saving time and giving faster patient recovery.

The Flexi-Wedge positioning aids are designed to deliver better imaging and more satisfactory and secure positioning for surgery. The shape of the support they provide is very flexible and the slot size is adjustable to accommodate any size of patient.

The wedges are asymmetrical allowing different slopes to be presented to the patient for perfect positioning. Different face angles allow the ideal slot shape to be created for the purpose in hand.

Product details

The Flexi-Wedge is available in two lengths, 90 and 60cm.

They are sold in pairs of equal length with securing straps and clips. The clips can be autoclaved to 120oC.

The covers are waterproof, antibacterial and wipe clean. They have thermally welded seams so no moisture will enter the foam filling. If necessary, they can be totally immersed. They can tolerate medical grade disinfection and can be safely used with heat pads.

There are three straps supplied with each pair of Flexi-Wedges, typically only two will be used at any one time and the third is a spare.

Two sizes of clip are provided. The larger clips are to hold the table strap in place and the smaller set are used to clip the wedge tabs to the table strap. More clips are provided than are required so there are spares.

Setting up the Flexi-Wedges

On a curved table such as is used in many CT scanners, we have found that the Flexi-Wedges stay in position due to friction and hence do not need to be clipped in place. On a flat table, it is generally necessary to clip the wedges into the required position to ensure they maintain that position.

The Flexi-Wedge is deployed by securing two straps round the table using the large clips provided. This needs to be as tight as possible. The individual wedges are then fixed in position on the table by attaching them to these straps using the short tabs on the wedges. The support shape created is dictated by the job in hand.

The wedges can be set up parrallel to each other or at an angle. A 90cm and 60cm wedge can be used in combination. There can be agap etween them or they can butt directly together.

It is not necessary to have an operating table mattress, the wedges can be used directly on a table.

Download the instruction leaflet here.

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