Universal Operating Table Kit for Equine Surgery



A flexible inflatable mattress kit for use in equine surgery where a modern powered table is already in use.

This universal kit is designed for use with powered EQUINE SURGERY tables with side panels. Slight variations in component size are offered for no additional cost in order that it will fit most modern operating tables on the market.

The elements included enable both dorsal and lateral arrangements. The cushions for table side panels are secured by press stud and a large range of positioning is possible to ensure they sit centrally on the side panels of table being used. The spine cushion is 18cm deep when fully inflated.


OTU Universal operating table kit comprises:

  • A spine cushion 50cm wide, either 210 or 200cm long
  • Four adjustable flat cushions for side panels,
    either 50 x 40cm or 50 x 50cm. (RTC-2)
  • One lateral mattress 140cm wide and either 200 or 210cm long
  • One pair of withers cushions (WSC)
  • A head cushion assembly comprising V cushion with base cushion for the dorsal position and with it removed, for the lateral set up. 76cm long by 58cm wide. (DHC)

Spares and replacment elements:

  • OTU Dorsal only- spine cushion 50cm wide, either 210 or 200cm long &
  • four side panel cushions (50 x 50cm or 50 x 40cm)
  • OTU Lateral only mattress (140 x 200 or 210cm)
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